Summer Series Round 4 Report

Below courtesy of Gerard Hines – thanks Gerard.

Just a quick follow up to the Sunday race, what a fantastic role up, 49 riders participating, on what was a challenging course and tough conditions! Also congratulations to the place getters, Tony Flanery, Shaun Oakley and John Coulter, tougher handicaps next time lads!! Fastest time was by a flying Brendan Forsyth at 48.45 minutes, closely followed by Shaun Williams at 8 seconds gap.


Well done to everyone who participated, excellent effort. It was particularly good to see the ladies have a crack at it, and it’s now a good opportunity to capitalize on this girls by joining us on the Tuesday night rides at 6pm, and Saturday mornings at 6am if you feel up to a longer ride. There are early groups that go out on both of these rides to allow you to ease yourself into it, so please join in and keep up the momentum.


This was a fantastic thing for our club to do, and has also resulted in a lot of new memberships to the Coota club, so thanks for your great support. Thanks also to Shaun Stuart for doing the initial ground work to get this underway, it’s a  shame you and Tami couldn’t be here to enjoy the occasion.


We would encourage as many of you as possible to make the effort to travel over to Coota to reciprocate and participate in their Sunday morning race at 9am. It’s a lot easier course than what we endured on Sunday, and you will enjoy the experience if you can get over there. For those that haven’t done it, It’s held out on the Berthong Road a few kms west of town; you travel out the Temora road from Coota, and turn right at the cross roads, and the start is just over the railway line there at 9am sharp, so be there at 8.30 to sign up and warm up.

Thanks again for contributing to a great success at our inaugural development race. There will be another one held at Young as a part of their summer series, and we will communicate that date when we have it.

This weeks ride is in Cootamundra – Sunday morning sign on at 8.30am for 9.00am start.  Berthong Road southern end near the Golf Driving Range.