Summer Series Final Round Report

Summer Series Round 7 Report

The last race of the Summer Series took place on Sunday with 22 starters greeting the handicapper.  Once again, even after last week’s very generous handicapping, limit were given 13 minutes with Phil Bowden and newcomer Dave Moore starting proceedings.  Steve Green, Darren Garnon and Barry Rose left 2 minutes behind them on second limit.

Treasurer Tim, Anthony Dean, Charlie Baldry and William Adams were asked to leave another 5 minutes behind off third limit. Steve Doidge made his long-anticipated return to Sunday events off fourth-limit.  He was joined there by Kevin Ford, Geoff Golden, Mark Bolger and series contender Glen Oakley who all began just four minutes in front of scratch.

The chopping block were Al Baker, Ken Clarke, Mark Ward and Dave Jarvis who left two and a half minutes in front of scratch.  Scratch consisted of Cootamundra’s fittest riders Steve Franklin and Brendan Forsyth along with Young’s fittest riders Kevin Goodman and Peter Telford.

With the overly kind marks up front the three back groups were on a hiding to nothing once again and though Telford rode fastest time in 38 minutes 25 seconds they were still a minute behind at the finish.

Darren Garnon went solo off the front ( though no one saw it bar his group!) to victory by 11 seconds over Dave Moore.  A good first-up showing by Dave but one the handicapper is unlikely to forget!  Tim Condon, Charlie Baldry and Will Adams took the remaining points on the day.

Despite being away at his mother-in-law’s 90th Birthday lunch, and being unable to secure any points in the final round, Phil Davies hung on for the overall victory over the 7 race series.  Phil’s early solo win paved the way for victory doing most of the second half of that race alone to hold on for the win.  In all there were about 200 starters over the series with 73 club members participating.  Thank you to all riders who supported the series throughout and we are looking to have some organised events through the winter too.

Interclub racing continues this weekend with the Cootamundra hosted  stage at Stockinbingal.