Weekly rides


Mountain Bikes Depart – Corner of Hurley St & Boundary Rd, 4:15pm

The Thursday hit out for some is the ride of the week, mainly because there is a good chance you will consume more schooners after the ride than km’s ridden! For the mountain bikes it is 2 laps around the track located at the back of the Golf Course, which has a fantastic mix of single track and some nice flowing open runs. On completion training tactics and rider ability are discussed well into the night at the Globe Hotel.


Departs: Corner of Hurley St & Boundary Rd, 2.30pm in winter, 6.00pm in summer.

Friday is mountain bike heaven (and hell!). Firstly a lap around the back of the golf course to warm up, and then it is over to Pioneer Park. If you’re into mountain biking then this place is for you. From insanely steep descents to some of the most technical climbs you’ll ever see, add in some amazing single track and you have some of the best mountain biking around.